ACMin Newsletter - August 2015

What Satisfies?

Recently in our Healing Shame course, we explored the question, "What satisfies me?" Our family loves to play games. Sometimes we play a version of Dominoes called "Chicken Foot." When one person plays a tile with the same number on both ends, it is played horizontally.  No one else can make any other move until that double is "satisfied." As the play continues, subsequent players must attach to the double another domino that has the same number as the double.If you can't match that number on your turn with a domino from your hand, you have to draw more dominoes, often racking up lots of negative points against you until the double has been "satisfied." God's kingdom is much the same way. In He Shall Glorify Me, Oswald Chambers writes, "No love of the natural heart is safe unless the human heart has been satisfied by God first.The tragedies of human lives can only be solved by an understanding of the one great fundamental truth that Jesus Christ alone can satisfy the last aching abyss of the human heart." So often it sems good to our flesh to reach to things like entertainment, relationships, food, drugs, alcohol or work to full the empty aching abyss within us. But like dominoes, we simply end up collecting the weight of negative additions to our lives because no matter how many we collect, they can never truly satisfy the unfulfilled need. We rack up unintended negative consequences because we have put our trust and hope in the things of the world to satisfy us. In the same way that each domino in the set is unique, God creates each one of us as His unique masterpieces (Eph. 2:10). God will use our uniqueness to cause others to be drawn to us - to our love, compassion, wisdom, creativity, etc. However, if those unique qualities are not first and foremost appropriately connected and surrendered to the Lord for fulfillment, others' connections with us will be lacking the very pipeline to the Lords' power and presence that brings life and blessing to our uniqueness.There is only one solution to every problem, one remedy for every hurt, one bread that completely satisfies---Jesus. Through the power of His death and resurrection, He connects us to Himself, to the Father and to His Holy Spirit. Only in that place of oneness with God can there possibly be genuine satisfaction! May the Lord show you today where you have been trusting anything or anyone apart from Himself for your complete satisfaction, and draw that unsatisfied place in you more fully into His unending, inexhaustible, life-giving love! Seek first his kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.(Matt. 6:33)

Dig Deeper This Fall

Students at ACMin grow both theologically and practically in their life of faith in Jesus Christ. Whether you would like to formally enroll as a student or someone who'd like to know more about the Bible, evangelism, prayer, and other aspects of the Christian life, you will be at home in our comfortable and engaging educational setting. Fall classes begin August 17th. To learn how you can take advantage of these opportunities for service and growth at our college, please call us at 706-769-1472. Click here to register for one or more of the fall semester courses below: 

·        BIBLICAL LANGUAGES: Greek & Hebrew
·        BIBLICAL STUDIES: Book of Revelation, Old Testament, Four Gospels
·        PRAYER MINISTRY: BIblical Foundations of Prayer Ministry
·        CHRISTIAN MINISTRY: Evangelism, Prayer & Spiritual Direction, Talents & Spiritual Gifts
·        WORSHIP ARTS: Introductory Piano, Voice Class & Private Lessons

Accreditation & Academic Integrity

As an interdenominational Christian college, it is critical to us that we do our utmost to uphold the biblical and academic integrity of all that we teach here at ACMin. How do we actively pursue that integrity?
  • ACMin continues to actively pursue full accreditation.  We were recently awarded State of Georgia Standards Authorization by the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission, which will now qualify us to pursue full Title IV accreditation
  • Our Board of Trustees prayerfully guides the college's oversight.
  • The ACMin Academic Dean Committee, comprised of trusted scholars, reviews our syllabi and programs to ensure that they align with the ACMin Belief Statement and God's Word.
  • All ACMin faculty are fully credentialed to teach in their areas of expertise and  have frontline, practical ministry experience.. 
Thank you for your ongoing prayers of protection over our college's integrity.  Ultimately, it's the Lord's glory that we wish to lift up.  May we honor him in all that we do!

Support Us While You Shop

Kroger shoppers already know how to save bucks on groceries, gas, and other necessities using their Kroger Plus card. What you may not know, is that you can support ACMin while you are shopping and saving! AUGUST IS THE MONTH TO RE-SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR SUPPORT OF ACMin THROUGH KROGER COMMUNITY REWARDS!
  1. If you already support us . . . Please take a few minutes in August to re-enroll your Kroger Plus card and re-up your support of “ACMin.”
  2. If you would like to support us . . . Head to and link your Kroger Plus card to ACMin. Click here for full directions. 
 Thank you!

Healing Shame Testimonies

Dee Pesaresi (foreground) and other gifted teachers lead course participants through a powerful week of "Healing Shame." Students learned how to recognize and be set free from things that come against their joy and the blessing of their identity in Christ. Course participants rejoiced at what God did through the teaching & ministry: 

+ "I have been void of joy for a very long time.Through this course I was able to identify the causes of shame, renounce them, and return to joy!"
+  "I got more and more peace and learned effective ways to better relate to family and friends!"
+ "This course was life-changing! It will affect my relationships, how I see myself, and how I deal with it when I default to old lies." 

The last day of the course, participants gathered to enjoy a lunch of "Koinonia Soup!" (Koinonia is a transliterated form of the Greek word meaning: communion, joint participation; the share which one has in anything, etc.) Each person brought a different can of soup and we poured all the kinds together - much like how our lives blend together in God's kingdom. 

Celebrate Three Years of Progress!

We are excited to share the ACMin 2014-15 Annual Report with you!  Our college has completed Year Three of a Three-year launch phase.  2014-15 was our best year yet, and we look forward with great eagerness to all that God has planned for our future.  Please enjoy the Annual Report and join us in thanking the Lord for His faithfulness over our seedling institution!

Where Your Treasure Is

Joining the ongoing work of the Athens College of Ministry is investing in the spiritual health and well-being of the Church as new Christian leaders are equipped for service and launched into the world. Won't you consider making the ACMin the recipient of your generosity, and participate with us in the advancement of God's agenda in the earth? There are many ways you can invest in the ACMin, both large and small, including:           May our generous God richly bless you as you give! 

Volunteers Needed!

Have some extra time on your hands these days? Consider blessing the ACMin by serving a limited number of structured volunteer hours in the coming weeks. There is always something to be done as we continue to move the vision for the college into the future! If you have more specialized abilities,or are interested in joining our staff to support recruiting, development and other efforts, see a listing of current ACMin job openings including:

+ Full-time academic Dean with doctoral-level credentials in theology, divinity, or ministry
+ Part-time Administrative Assistant
+ Volunteer librarian with formal library science credentials 
+ Volunteer with expertise in marketing, fundraising, and grant-writing

We would love to work alongside you for God's Kingdom! Contact us at 706-769-1472 to learn more about becoming part of the ACMin team!
The Global Leadership Summit, hosted by Willow Creek Community Church, is one of the premier leadership conferences worldwide. Last year's summit saw crowds of over 260,000 participate via satellite locations around the globe! This year on August 6 & 7, Athens' own Living Hope Church (2150 Lexington Rd) will serve as a host site. Consider setting aside these two days to receive encouragement and instruction from some of the preeminent leaders recognized throughout the world. If you work with people, you're a leader. Click here for more information on how to register for GLS 2015.

Connect with the Body of Christ

What a joy and blessing it is when members of the Body of Christ dwell together in unity! Our goal at the ACMin has always been to serve as a hub of connection for believers across denominational, socioeconomic and ethnic lines for the greater good here in Athens and beyond. Take a look at our Community Connections page to stay updated on important ministry events in the area, as well as current job openings and other items of interest. Let's stay connected!

Note in particular:
+ Ongoing Prayer Opportunities through the Athens Prayer Network
+ Global Leadership Summit at Living Hope Church / Aug. 6-7
+ Joy Starts Here! Conference / Aug 14-15
+ St. James UMC Night of Healing Prayer / Aug 27
+ Encompass Ministries Elijah House School / Sept 3