ACMin Newsletter - December 2015

Be Holy as I AM Holy

God makes it clear that He is a Holy God and as such cannot be in the presence of sin (Lev. 11:45; Rom. 12:1.)  In the Old Testament He gives the Israelites many specific statutes intended to protect His beloved from the destructive results of allowing  the presence of sin in their midst.  For example, the penalty for persistently rebellious children (Deut. 21:18-21), greed (Josh. 7), and adultery (Lev. 20:10) was immediate death. To us this all seems terribly harsh and unloving.  But God was communicating that because He loves His children and wants to be present with them, He requires that they be holy and “set apart” for Him.  In the New Testament there is no less emphasis on holiness (Matt 6:33; 2 Pet. 3:10-11). How grateful are we that God sent Jesus to bridge the gap between Him and mankind caused by sin so that we can in fact be holy! Any yet, all of us easily struggle with personal sin and selfish lusts; we often agree more with the world’s values than the Lord’s. How many personal sins do we rationalize away or make excuses for?  Do you have a favorite sin that you are simply unwilling to give to the Lord?  Are you so ashamed of your sin that you think you must hide it from God and others? He knows. 

The Apostle Paul declared that while we have been given unlimited grace through Christ, we should absolutely not keep on sinning by taking advantage of the gift of grace that came at such a high price to Our Lord (Rom 6:1-2).  So how do we as believers walk in holiness as the Lord’s pure, spotless bride, knowing that even our best efforts to be holy fall short (Is. 64:6)?  Unless the Lord is our first love (Mark 12:30), and until we understand that only in His presence can we find fullness of joy (Ps. 16:11), obedience to His ways appears pointless (1 Cor. 1:18). Wiling obedience is Jesus’ love language (John 15:9-11)! Our very choices are birthed in our thoughts and fueled by our worldly desires.  We must start by crying out to the Lord to redeem our minds and to give us the mind of Christ (Ps. 139:23-14; Rom 12:2).  The key is to truly surrender each besetting sin to the power of Christ and His Spirit in us (Eph. 1: 19-20), and to lean into His mercy to walk moment by moment out of darkness into the light. He died on the cross to redeem every part of our lives, not just to provide us a free ticket to heaven when we die.  May we humble ourselves today and completely surrender our thoughts, words, and choices to His authority and thank Him for the power of His blood to set us free—free indeed (Jn. 8:36)!  

Spring Christian Growth Opportunities

Athens College of Ministry offers degree and non-degree programs for the purpose of training ministry-minded believers whether they are pursuing a ministry vocation or just want to be more equipped to minister in their Christian life!

This Spring, take advantage of these opportunities to dig deeper into the Lord and be equipped to love and minister more effectively to those around you. Learn to explain and defend your faith in an Apologetics course, study real-life examples of Christ-centered leadership in Case Studies, or dig into a number of other courses including Hebrew I, Church History, Vocal Performance and more! See the full list of Spring courses and registration details at and call the office 706-769-1472 with any questions. We can't wait to grow with you! 

January Prayer Conference

Do you walk through life as "More Than a Conqueror" or do the circumstances of life, your own weakness and the attacks of the enemy leave you feeling defeated? Our God wants to strengthen you for 2016! 

Please join us for New Year - New Heart: More Than ConquerorsACMin's annual one-day prayer conference coming Saturday, January 9, 2016, as our Father teaches us to pray and live in victory through:
  • Biblical teaching about fighting and winning the spiritual battle
  • Testimonies of those who have stood firm through trials
  • Worship and ministry through your weaknesses
What a day our God is preparing for us! You don't want to miss this! Register now at

Fall Semester Recital - Please Join Us!

On December 12, the ACMin family will celebrate our students' accomplishments and the end of Fall semester with a Student Recital featuring musical performances and personal testimonies from ACMin students. We warmly invite the participation of all guests who would like to enjoy the talent and fellowship of the ACMin family as we share our hearts for the Lord with each other!

The Recital will take place on Saturday, December 12, from 3:00 - 4:00 PM in Grace Hall at the ACMin Campus. Call our office at 706-769-1472 with any questions. 

(Pictured Right: ACMin student Karla White's beautiful vocal solo, Spring 2015 recital) 

Student Spotlight: Elishiba Hunter

Elishiba Hunter is enrolling as a degree-seeking student at ACMin for Spring 2016 after attending her first ACmin course through Timothy Baptist Church, but there was a time when Christianity was not such a big part of her life.

Elishiba's Testimony 

Hunter grew up with a Muslim background, but decided as a young person, “I didn’t want to be Muslim just because my parents were.” Though Hunter disagreed with some aspects of the religion, she knew that ultimately she just wanted to discover Truth for herself. “At one point, I had no religion. I just wanted to know where I fit in.” Hunter knew about Christianity because of her devout Christian grandmother, but it was through her research as a young adult that, “Christianity stood out. Jesus was always there, even though I was a Muslim,” said Hunter. “I felt a connection.”

In 2005 while regularly attending a church in Lithonia with her best friend, Hunter responded to an altar call. “I wanted to get up, but I didn’t want to get up for my grandma or anyone else. I wanted to get up for me. When I walked forward, I felt that I was walking into my destiny.” Hunter jumped head first into the Lord, becoming a member at Timothy Baptist Church, working with Christian ministries and pursuing deeper study into her new faith; but she started to feel stuck. “I knew there was something else for my life. I felt like I was in this cycle and thought ‘What’s the point of my life?’”

Elishiba at ACMin

Hunter took the Talents & Spiritual Gifts course this fall semester through a cooperative partnership between ACMin and Timothy Baptist Church to provide advanced studies for their Ministers in Training (MIT) program. “I wanted to know my purpose. Once I took the course, I enrolled in the college. If this class was just a piece, I want to get the whole thing!" 

Hunter knows her training is an opportunity to love her family. “I want to be able to talk to my Muslim family intelligently about what I believe. “ Ultimately, she hopes to earn a degree that she can use in the field of Christian Ministry. 

“I always wanted to be a nun,” said Hunter, who seems driven to consecrate herself to God’s every purpose through her. “I want to help others. Help humanity… I’d love to do missions in other countries, work with children.”  

Elishiba and her husband of 5 years, Al, live in Athens with their 2 dogs, Lala and Hunter, and attend Timothy Baptist Church. Elishiba works as an Administrative Assistant to Pastor Boles, volunteers through local ministries every chance she gets, and pursues her studies with passion. 

2016 Business Sponsors

Throughout the year, local businesses support ACMin by sponsoring our community-facing events, allowing us to generously serve and love the city of Athens and beyond in the name of Jesus Christ. Our business sponsors enjoy yearlong promotion at all of our key events, each of which draw believers from across the greater Athens area every year: 
  • New Year - New Heart - January prayer conference
  • ServeAthens ICN - March service day
  • Transformed! - Summer discipleship conference
  • A.D.O.R.E. - Labor Day worship event 
  • and More! 
Businesses are warmly invited to participate by supporting ACMin events and becoming a part of our network of ministry to the greater Athens area. For more information, please visit the Business Sponsors Page or call the office at 706-769-1472.

ACMin Students Join Athens Prayer Watch

ACMin students love to pray! Students have gathered once every month this Fall for a time of prayer, laboring in the Spirit for their own spheres of influence, our college, our city and the world.

In November, our students had the awesome opportunity to join the Athens Prayer Network along with hundreds of other believers in a city-wide prayer watch in hopes of covering the city of Athens in continuous prayer for 3 months! ACMin students gather outside of the classroom to pray through 1-half hour slot every Tuesday morning. What a joy to see our students of all ages and callings joining this heart posture in agreement with the collective Body of Christ in Athens! 

It is not too late to join this posture of prayer - You can join the Athens Prayer Watch now by signing up for a weekly, half hour slot! 

Connection Corner & Job Openings

Interested in finding a job in ministry or connecting with the body of Christ in Athens in unique ways? 

Visit ACMin's Connect Page to see ministry job listings, local christian growth opportunities, monthly prayer & worship gatherings and more!