ACMin Newsletter - July 2015

God's Definition of Success

In our culture, we define success as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, or the attainment of popularity or profit.  There is a danger when we overlay the world’s definition of success to our personal walk with the Lord or to His calling on our very lives.  There is equal danger for our calling to be driven by a sympathetic heart for the needs of man instead of the command of Jesus. God’s desire is that we depend uniquely on him, completely surrendered to His voice and trusting His life within us to be made manifest in the world---a life of love that both speaks and demonstrates the power of the Good News. As God works in and through us, His goal is not the successful doing of a thing. In Luke 10:20, Jesus directs His disciples not to rejoice in the success of the fulfillment of their mission, but rather, that their names are written in heaven. His goal is that we journey with Him, being true and obedient to His directive regardless of the outcome. Like toddlers, we learn to walk with ever increasing balance as we make efforts to walk. The only way we fail to learn to walk is to not make effort to take the next step that God has directed.  Acts 20:24 shows us through Paul’s life what it means to live out a calling.  We count nothing dear except surrender to His leading—If you love me, feed my sheep. Our joy then becomes the fulfillment of that for which we were created and saved, not the successful outcome of the service to which we were called.  The outcomes are always the Lord’s.  In that way, the glory is His as well. Success in the Kingdom of God is being persevering salt and light, the conduit through which His living water flows from the throne of grace into the world around us releasing His peace and love into our God-given circles of influence He directs.  May the Lord glorify Himself in and through you as you journey with Him in abiding surrender to His lead!

Still Time to Register for HEALING SHAME

Word is getting out about the incredible teaching opportunity the week of July 13-17, as Dee Pesaresi leads an intensive course on finding freedom through Christ from debilitating shame in our lives. If you have been wounded by words or circumstances beyond your control, if you have found yourself "shaming" others to affect their behavior, or if you would like to learn how to minister to others gripped by the effects of shame, please consider the powerful impact this course may have on your life, and register immediately. Follow this link to more information about "Healing Shame." 

Faith for the Fall

At the ACMin, we have lined up a number of impactful opportunities for students to grow both theologically and practically in their life of faith in Jesus Christ. Consider the following courses, planned for the fall semester. Whether you are an enrolling student or someoe who'd like to know more about the Bible, evangelism, prayer, etc., you will be at home in our comfortable and engaging educational setting. To discuss these and other opportunities for service and growth at the college, please call us at 706-769-1472. Click here to register for the courses below: 
  • BIBLICAL LANGUAGES: Greek & Hebrew
  • BIBLICAL STUDIES: Book of Revelation, Old Testament, Four Gospels
  • PRAYER MINISTRY: BIblical Foundations of Prayer Ministry
  • CHRISTIAN MINISTRY: Evangelism, Prayer & Spiritual Direction, Talents & Spiritual Gifts
  • WORSHIP ARTS: Introductory Piano, Voice Class & Private Lessons

Truly Transformed!

We are rejoicing in the aftermath of our first signature teaching conference, Transformed!, held June 19-20th here in Athens. Our God made himself known to the conference participants in a mighty way! 
  • Participants from the Men of Honor workshop said Jimmy Bamberg and Jerry Kiser encouraged them to "Be courageous" and "Put away childish things." Men from Victory Home gave personal, public testimonies of answered prayers throughout the weekend! 
  • Greater Things workshop participants ministered to one another using the teaching they received, and by following God's direction through the ministry time. "The encounter with the Lord was worth it all! Praise God!" said one participant.
  • Participants in the Restoring the Foundations workshop discussed that "A lot of God's work is a process." One participant left with hope that she could "learn to enjoy Jesus as he walks me down the road to the change I desire."
  • God used our passionate speakers and workshop leaders to bring us the Word of God and teach us to apply it, knowing that our God is big enough to Transform us! 
Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Transformed! Conference. We are humbled and blessed to be "transformed" alongside you all for the glory of God.

CALLING ALL LEADERS: Global Leadership Summit August 6-7

The Global Leadership Summit, hosted by Willow Creek Community Church, is one of the premier leadership conferences worldwide. Like last year's summit, the GLS is expecting crowds of over 260,000 on August 6-7 to participate via satellite at locations around the globe. In the Athens area, Living Hope Church (2150 Lexington Rd).will serve as a host site and all are encouraged to set aside these two days to receive encouragement and instruction from some of the preeiminent leaders known the world over. If you work with people, you're a leaders. Click here for more information on how to register for GLS 2015.

Making Disciples & Growing the Kingdom

Making financial donations to worthy causes is an overflow of our redeemed nature in Christ, who came to give His very life for the salvation of humnakind. Many things are required of each of us financially, but how wonderful to be able to choose where our dollars will have impact for the Kingdom of God on the earth! Investing in the ongoing work of the Athens College of Ministry is an investment in the spiritual health and well-being of the Church, as new Christian leaders are equipped for service and launched into the world. Won't you consider making the ACMin the recipient of your generosity, and participate with us in the advancement of God's agenda in the earth? Learn more about the myriad of ways you can invest in the ACMin as we take seriously the Lord' calling to "make disciples of all nations..." Invest in the college's Annual Fund Scholarship Fund, or become a Business Sponsor. Blessings with appreciation to each one of you!


It's our pleasure to introduce a wonderful student and now Board of Trustees member for the Athens College of Ministry, Mary Padgelek. Mary is married to Fred Padgelek, and hails from Deland, Florida. She attends Faith Presbyterian Church of Athens.
Describe your calling to ministry: I became a Christian in college and as an art major and later an artist, I believe God called me to express my faith through my art. As I  completed a Ph.D. in 1998 at the University of Georgia, I believe that then God called me to write a musical based on the subject of my dissertation. I have been involved with this since 1999 and consider it a ministry as the subject deals with faith and friendship across racial boundaries. 
How did you decide to enroll as a student at the ACMin? A friend of mine knew some people at the school and told me about it. I have taken 2 classes, plan to take another one this fall, and have attended several workshops. Every class and workshop I've taken has been life-changing and anointed. I feel very fortunate to have discovered ACMin. My primary reason for taking classes is to mature in my faith and get prepared for what God has in store for me in the future. 
What do you love most about the Athens College of Ministry? I love how God is so present in every class and workshop I've attended. The teachers and leaders have a good balance of both the study of the Bible and embracing the Spirit of God and His working through us as believers. The people connected with the school also have such a rich, real faith in Jesus that I am positively affected by their lives. 
What word of encouragement can you give to other prospective students: You are very fortunate to have the opportunity to study under amazing Christian teachers and leaders.You can't be involved with ACMin without being changed by such a rich experience with God!

Making Connections

The Church is described as a living organism, built up in Jesus Christ, our exalted Head. This 'body of Christ" reveals that we are more than just individual entities, existing for the betterment of ourselves, but connected and interdependent, growing up together into something more beautiful and effective in our unity than anything we could contrive on our own. Our goal at the ACMin has always been to serve as a hub of connection for believers across denominational, socioeconomic and ethnic lines for the greater good here in Athens and beyond. With this in mind, please take a look at our Community Connections page to stay abreast of important upcoming ministry events in the area, as well as current job openings and other items of interest. Let's stay connected!

Note in particular:
+ Ongoing Prayer Opportunities through the Athens Prayer Network
+ Global Leadership Summit hosted by Willow Creek Ministries / Aug. 6-7
+Joy Starts Here! Conference / Aug 14-15

Volunteers Needed!

Have a little extra time on your hands these days? Why not consider blessing the ACMin by serving a limited number of structured volunteer hours in the coming weeks, as we prepare for our Fall semester. There is always something to be done, whether organizing, filing or simply sprucing up our classroom facilities. Of course, if you have more specialized abilities, or would be interested in joining our staff to support recruiting, development and other efforts, we would welcome that interest as well. Click this link for a full listing of current job openings atthe ACMin. We would greatly appreciate any efforts to help us see God's narrative for the college advance, and oftentimes this means more "boots on the ground" for daily operations.