ACMin Newsletter - June 2015


God is always in the process of creating newness.  His first attribute in Scripture is that He is the Creator.  The quality of newness is inherent in the very concept of creating.  Near the end of His story from the book of  Revelation Jesus said, “Behold, I am making all things new.”  Newness is happening presently and it’s ongoing. What does this newness process look like? Consider the seasons and the yearly rebirth of leaves and flowers growing on plants that become larger and stronger over time. Mankind lives on by birthing the next generation and the next. He gives us new mercies every morning. Once in Christ, we become a new creation, born again.  We are transformed by the renewing of our minds.  Our response to His abundant gift of transforming love is to sing a “new song” of praise and thanksgiving. And we look forward to the coming age of the new heaven, new earth, and new Jerusalem when God will live among us, His people. Are you surrendered to His process of making you new?  Our master craftsman, the Lord, is creating you, His masterpiece for good works which He prepared in advance to be our way of life. Are you growing and being renewed? Have you surrendered to His newness process? Here at the ACMin, our mission and vision is to help equip the saints on their personal journey towards being transformed into the image of Christ. We invite you to enroll in a course, conference workshop, or seminar, and be blessed by the life-changing Christian growth opportunities designed to enrich and  renew the power of your identity in Christ, to clarify His calling on your life, and to prepare you as a co-laborer with Him in the newness process itself, bringing the Good News of His love to our desperate world.  


The much anticipated Transformed! Conference arrives on June 19-20, featuring heart-stirring messages of grace and challenge by some of America's foremost Christian speakers: Dr. Mel Blackaby of First Baptist Jonesboro, Christine Wyrtzen of "Daughters of Promise", Cindi Wood of "Frazzled Female", Dr. David Holt of Living Hope Church and Rev. Kevin Daniel of Bethel Baptist of Watkinsville. In addition to these exciting corporate gatherings, participants will choose one of five discipleship tracks to go deeper in various areas of personal spiritual growth and development:
- Men of Honor,
-Daughters of Promise,
-Restoring the Foundations,
-Discipling Worship Leaders; and
-Greater Things,

 Register now at Transformed, and invite others to come and be Transformed!


It's our pleasure to highlight the life and ministry of Josh Jones, one of our esteemed faculty members here at the Athens College of Ministry. An effective teacher of God's Word, Josh brings a strong measure of devotion to Jesus and His Word to all of our students. The Director of Ministry Services for Athens Church, Josh is using his gifts for the glory of God to affect many lives for the gospel, and we consider it a privilege to have him on our team as an instructor. Here's what Josh says about ACMin: 

Why are you passionate about teaching your particular area of study through the ACMin? I am passionate about about the classes I teach because I love helping students learn about the diversity within the body of Christ. If we can learn to appreciate how God uses different perspectives within the Christian faith, we can build greater unity within the body of Christ. Ultimately, I believe that unity among Christians is the best way to reach people outside our faith. When they see us loving each other well, they will want to be a part of what God is doing among us.
How did you personally experience God's calling to be a part of our faculty at the college? I have always wanted to be a part of developing the next group of Christian leaders coming behind me to lead the church. ACMin allows me to be be a part of that here in Athens, and I can't wait to see how God uses the people that come through our college.


July 13-17 we will feature a one-week intensive course designed to see believers in Christ freed from the devastating effects of personal shame. At times the circumstances of life, personal shortcomings or bitter words can bring about a sense of shame about ourselves, despite the assurances that, In Christ, we are made whole. Join us as Dee Pesaresi leads this compassionate and timely word about the freedom, joy and sense of completeness we can find in Jesus Christ, as "partakers of the divine nature" (II Peter 1:4). Register online for HEALING SHAME or call our office at 706-769-1472. Prepare for life change!

Lifelong Ministry Program: A Summer of Sanctification

Oftentimes summer is the time when we break away from the normal routine, enjoy some relexation and simply "get away from it all". And well we should, as God's spiritual rest refreshes and restores us for life and godliness by His Spirit. At the same time, understanding that our enemy never "takes a break" from harassing God's children and hindering the work of the gospel, consider taking one of these great equipping opportunities, offered through the Lifelong Ministry Program of the ACMin this summer or in the Fall. Register for summer courses, including "Great Commission: Evangelism" by Dr. Dan Dunn or read more about Fall LMP courses.


Fall will be here before you know it, and the Lord has amazing things in store for those who discern His voice and heed His call. Could it be that the path He has chosen for you joins with ours this Fall? For new students, the application for admission (and financial aid) is due on July 1st, so please contact us to see how we might expedite the process whereby you can become a student at the ACMin. If it is solid, biblical teaching in a Spirit-filled environment you seek, along with caring, credentialed faculty to guide your training in Christian ministry, then you will find this and more at the Athens College of Ministry. Call us at 706-769-1472, or begin the process online at the following link: Admissions.

God's Constellation

An astronomical constellation is a grouping of stars which, if connecting lines are imagined, form recognizable objects, like common animals. Determining constellations in the heavens has been one of man's traditional ways of understanding rhe juxtaposition of the lights that govern the night sky. Who hasn't been awestruck at the sight of these diamonds embedded on a velvety, midnight canvas? Shapespeare once said, "I like the night. WIthout the dark, we'd never see the stars."

One imagines how the Lord might see the earthly constellation of His own "stars", those who have entered into relationship with their Creator through His son, Jesus. Each one distinct and brilliant of itself, yet possessing tremendous potential as members of His Body when connected in community with one another. Regardless of ages, race, socioeconomic wherewithal or cultural heristage, we are ONE in Him.

Visit our "Connect" page to see how the Lord is moving throughout the members of His Body in the Athens area. Featuring new ministry openings, upcoming events, or special ministry projects, this is a great place to stay informed about the wonderful things God is doing around us to draw us ever closer to His Son and each other. 

Praying for Partners

The Scriptures declare that "two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor" (Ecc. 4:9), and certainly this is the case as we consider the herculian task of seeing the world reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Each student that commits himelf to the specialized ministry training offered through the ACMin is worthy of the very best that we can give them as they get equipped for their Kingdom calling.

When you invest in one of these students' lives, you are investing in tomorrow, and in the generations that are to come. A number of the students enrolled at the ACMin are heavily dependent on student scholarships to hep finance their education. With this in mind, won't you consider how your dollars might produce fruit that will last, through each submitted life?

Read more about the many convenient financial partnership opportunities, or call us for more information in your desire to support this good work.