ACMin Newsletter - September 2015

The Strength of a Horse

In scripture, the horse is a beautiful representation of fearless strength, pawing at the ground in eager frenzy to charge into battle when the trumpet sounds (Job 39:9-25).  Have we surrendered our God-given strength for the Lord’s purposes or are we holding back some for our own agendas? As human beings, we can be deceived in believing that we have the power to control the circumstances of our lives and thus withhold all or part of that control from the Lord. In the 2011 film, War Horse, the owner teaches a horse (that everyone judged as too small for farm labor) how to wear a yoke and pull a plow. Later when the horse was thrown into military service, the fact that it knew how to surrender to a yoke actually saved its life. James 3:3 says. “When we put bits into the mouths of horses to make them obey us, we can turn the whole animal.” And so it is with us and the Lord. When we give up our rights to our very selves and surrender to His leading, it is then that we can know the glorious exhilaration of charging into battle, strong and secure because we are one with our rider – the Lord Jesus. May we surrender the strength that He gives us back to Him so that we can be like the white horse in the Book of Revelation, washed clean by His blood and victorious with Him in advancing His Kingdom. May we know that same excited fierceness as the horse for the spiritual battles to which we are called!     

Welcome Back Students!

What a joy to welcome back our students for the Fall 2015 semester! ACMin students enjoy in-depth study of biblical truth and opportunities to apply their knowledge both in class and through our intimate Student Community.  (Photo Left to Right: Karla White, Tim Savelle, Pamela Spinskston, and Jonathan Tarbutton)

Fall 2015 Christian Growth Opportunities:

It's not too late to enroll in a Lifelong Ministry course this fall semester! Be sure to check out More Than Conquerors, an 8-week Bible study starting in mid-September. ACMin also offers Lifelong Ministry courses as mobile workshops hosted at your location. Call 706-769-1472 for more information about hosting a Mobile LMP course at your church, school or business.  

Excellence & Integrity

As an interdenominational Christian college, ACMin is always careful to ensure that our curricula and instructional programs fully align with God's Word. To uphold the theological integrity of our institution,The ACMin Academic Dean Committee comprised of Dr. Dan Dunn, Dr. Ray Morris, and Dr. Carlos Sibley, is responsible for the review of all course syllabi and the supporting instructional materials in accordance with the ACMin Belief Statement founded on the unchanging Truth of the Scriptures. As we work hard to fulfill our msision and vision with excellence, it is our hearts' desire to glorify the Lord with an unwavering committment to upholding the highest standards of biblical interpretation. Click here for more information about the ACMin Academic Dean Committee and our dedicated teaching faculty.   

Moving Forward: Accreditation Hurdles

Please continue to pray with us as ACMin actively pursues full accreditation. Praise God for the hurdles we have already crossed including State of Georgia Standards Authorization by the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission, which will now qualify us to pursue full Title IV accreditation. Please get to know and pray for our Board of Trustees as they seek the Lord's direction in guiding our college in alignment with the ACMin Belief Statement and God's Word while pursuing full accreditation. 

Student Spotlight: Jonathan Tarbutton

Jonathan Tarbutton is an undergraduate student at ACMin pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Care & Counseling Ministry. Before coming to ACMin, Jonathan was involved in mission work, interned with IHOP and trained in inner healing with the Elijah House. 

Jonathan's Family: 
"My family is an integral part of who I am. I have 14 siblings and 18 neices & nephews. My birth mom and dad moved to Georgia from Ohio at the Lord's calling bringing my 7 older siblings. My mom died of cancer the day that I was born after giving birth to me 15 week premature. My father later married a widow with 2 sons and together they had my 5 younger siblings. I love my family. My family is awesome!" 

Jonathan's Testimony: 
"I have followed the Lord since I was a young boy. I was always taught that God was real, but I found out for myself when I was 10 years old. I was seeking the Lord on my own when I saw a TV program that stirred my heart. After talking to my parents, I sought the Lord on my own and asked Him to take away my fears. I always dealt with a lot of fear. God met me there and all my fears left. I finally knew, 'Wow! God is real.'" 

Jonathan's Calling: 
"When I was 16 years old, my mom gave me an article to read about Stella's House [a home for orphan girls from Moldova who are turned out of their orphanages and become prey for human traffickers]. Through my training with Elijah House, I also grew in passion for inner healing. I hope to be trained in counseling so that I can minister to the hurting and eventually extend my ministry overseas to work with men, women & children who have been trafficked."

Jonathan at ACMin: 
"In a counseling course with Professor Bamberg, we studied how body, soul & spirit are all connected. So, health or disfunction in any place will affect other places. A lightbulb went off in my head. I understood that my calling was to help people reach healing in their heart, soul and body. I am growing personally and learning more of who I am in Christ. God always calls us to a higher calling and deeper healing. I am being trained in that deep work." 

Your Generosity Equips the Saints!

Each semester at ACMin is another opportunity "to equip men and women for Christian life and ministry with a Biblically-centered spiritual and personal foundation." We celebrated in our Annual Report what God has done over the last year and we are so grateful for those whose generosity helps us fulfill this commission from the Lord. Contributions to our Annual Fund supply student scholarships and support key functions of the college. We also partner with the community through our Church and Business Sponsors. Is God is calling you to partner with us through these or other opportunities to give to ACMin?

ACMin Job Openings

Have some extra time on your hands these days? Consider blessing the ACMin by serving a limited number of structured volunteer hours. If you have more specialized abilities,or are interested in joining our staff to support recruiting, development and other efforts, see a listing of current ACMin job openings including:

+ Full-time Academic Chairman
+ Part-time Administrative Assistant
+ Volunteer librarian
+ Volunteer with marketing expertise 
We would love to work alongside you for God's Kingdom! Contact us at 706-769-1472 to learn more about becoming part of the ACMin team!

Many thanks to Peggy Lowery (right) who spent a recent Saturday making Oconee County better aware of ACMin at a pet fair.  What a wonderful example of volunteerism! 

Unity in Ministry

Jesus prayed that his followers would be unified just as He is united with the Father God that others may know the love of God for them (John 17:23). As Christian brothers & sisters, we are united not only through agreeing with one another doctrinally or supporting the same causes, but by living life together. Our Community Connections page is a place to find opportunities to join in ministry with fellow believers! Check out ongoing ministry happenings and call us at 706-769-1472 if you would like to post something on our community board!

Note in particular:
+ Ongoing Prayer Opportunities through the Athens Prayer Network
+ Encompass Ministries Elijah House School / Sept 3
+ Angel Davis leads "Relationship Remedies" / Sept 17