ACMin Student Government

Student Government

Athens College of Ministry Student Government
Articles of Organization
Article 1 - Purpose
The Athens College of Ministry (ACMin) Student Government exists to:
  • Intentionally inspire and nurture the desire and vision for community within the student body
  • Serve as a liaison between ACMin students, staff, and faculty in matters of importance; and
  • Fulfill the mission of Athens College of Ministry
Article 2 - Motto
Community through learning, loving and living the gospel together.
Article 3 -Membership
All full-time and part-time students at the Athens College of Ministry may take part in the ACMin Student Government.  Membership is voluntary but encouraged.
Article 4 - Officers
The ACMin Student Government will be led by two Officers currently enrolled in the college. Officers will serve a 1-year renewable term.  Officers will be selected by consensus of the student body (with advisor approval).   
2018-19 Officers:
Chair, Tim Savelle
Vice Chair, Greg Thomas
ACMin Student Government Leadership and Committee members (below) will meet four times per year for strategic planning and assessment of the Government’s effectiveness.
Article 5 – Committees
On an annual basis and informed by feedback from the ACMin Student Government, the Chair may appoint short- and/or long-term Committees to help further specific aspects of the work of the Student Government. He/She will appoint the leadership for each Committee and help the leader recruit volunteers to serve on each one.
Article 6 – Meetings & Activities
The ACMin Student Government will meet monthly during the academic year (September – April). Other activities created and executed by the established committees in support of the Student Government goals may include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Monthly Student Newsletter containing opportunities for community, student stories and important updates;
  • Monthly fellowship gatherings 7-8 times per year (Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, March, April);
  • Encouraging opportunities to serve others together in Christ
  • Sharing important events coming up in the life of the college and Athens that promote community;
  • Sharing personal prayer requests;
  • Small group prayer and/or discussions during student meetings; and/or
  • Student retreats.
Article 7 – Strategic Evaluation
The Chair of the ACMin Student Government is responsible for collecting data from the students through the Student Survey as well as through informal feedback, and presenting those data to the leaders of the ACMin Student Government for the purposes of setting fresh or renewed direction as appropriate.
Article 8 – Defining & Clarifying the Purpose Statement
“Student Government” – highly motivated and involved students who represent the student body as a liaison between the students and college leadership, staff and faculty. 
“To intentionally inspire and nurture” – The Student Government will purposely, faithfully and with resolve enthusiastically cast the vision of vibrant Christian community for the student body in an attempt to inspire them to embrace both the vision and passion for experiencing Kingdom relationships through the love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.
“To nurture” is the continued support of the student community through prayer, ministry, fellowship, worship and serving together.  To that end, the Student Government will organize, communicate, recruit, and build up the student body by initiating and supporting events that promote love and care for the student body.
“The desire and vision” – The Student Government is responsible for intentionally inspiring and cultivating among the student body desire for and participation in Athens College of Ministry’s community (defined below).
“For community within the student body” – Community as biblically defined (in Acts 2:42-47, 4:32-37; the Letter to the Ephesians; I Cor 2:1-5; 12; 14; Romans 12, etc.) is experienced in relationship within the student body, and including, but not limited to, ministry, discipleship, evangelism, a life of worship, personal spiritual formation, devotion to God and the community (body), generosity, service and compassion.
“To fulfill the mission of Athens College of Ministry” – which is “To equip men and women for Christian life and ministry with a Biblically-centered spiritual and personal foundation so that they might glorify God by passionately fulfilling the great commission of Jesus Christ through worldwide service.”