Degree Programs

     Athens College of Ministry offers undergraduate and graduate programs designed to equip students to fulfill God's calling on their lives. Graduates will be well prepared to follow God's calling into traditional and non-traditional ministry careers, as well as to bring a ministry aspect into ANY career, workplace, community or home, and to daily life.  See below an overview of the ACMin certificate and degree programs. 

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ACMin is an interdenominational Christian college seeking to equip faithful men and women for ministry and Christian leadership by:
  • teaching spiritual truths;
  • imparting biblical knowledge;
  • providing practical ministry opportunities through mentored apprenticeships;
  • ensuring a Christ-centered approach that seeks to build character within a community of believers; and
  • tailoring coursework to support each student's calling.
ACMin programs are designed with students’ relationships at the core—relationships with God, with the school community, and within the context of Christian service opportunities. 

Flexible Programs

The college offers Certificates, Associate's Degrees, Bachelor's Degrees, and Master's Degrees so that no matter what stage of life or education students are in, there can be a course of study that fits their needs.  Certificate programs are especially designed for students who are already enrolled in another college or university and wish to dual enroll in Athens School of Ministry and Worship Arts as a means to build their faith walk and consider how to infuse ministry into their chosen career area. Certificate programs can also serve those who are seeking ministry training but who do not wish to earn an additional degree.

Christian Core Courses

All certificate and degree programs require that students complete the Christian Core requirements, courses designed to equip head and heart with the biblical truths found in the Athens College of Ministry Belief Statement.  Christian Core courses are also designed to equip student with the tools to effectively engage in further Bible study. Students must either complete the Christian Core coursework before beginning other degree coursework or, if approved by an academic advisor, may finish the Christian Core while concurrently beginning other coursework.  Faith-in-Action apprenticeships may only be assigned after completing the Christian Core requirements*

Foundations of Faith
His Creation: Talents & Spiritual Gifts
Old Testament
New Testament
Prayer & Spiritual Direction
The Great Commission: Evangelism
The Great Commission: Discipleship

*Specific Christian Core course requirements for Master’s level students are personalized by the Academic Advisor to fit individual students’ program needs. 

Click on the following link to see complete descriptions of the Christian Core and other ACMin course offerings: Undergraduate and Graduate Course Catalogs.

Certificate & Degree Programs

ACMin offers the following Christian Ministry Programs:

Certificate -- 30 Credit Hours
Associate's Degree - 60 Credit Hours
Bachelor's Degree - 120 Credit Hours
Master's Degree - 60 Credit Hours

ACMin offers the following Christian Leadership Program:
Master's Degree - 30 Credit Hours

Students in each program will choose an area of concentration:

Care Ministry
Christian Studies
Field Ministry
Generational Ministry
Leadership (master's level only)
Worship Arts

Click here for complete program requirements.

Faith-in-Action Apprenticeships

In addition to coursework in biblical foundations, prayer, and Christian leadership, all students engage in long-term,  mentored field experiences related to the Faith-in-Action program requirement—practical, hands-on training in real ministry situations supported by classroom instruction.

A Culture of Service

Each semester, ACMin students are expected to fulfill one hour of service at an approved service site for each credit hour that he or she is enrolled in coursework. This service requirement extends beyond the Faith-in-Action apprenticeship experience. Fulfilling the service requirement is a pre-requisite to graduation from ACMin

Non-Degree Programs

For more information about short-term seminars, mobile courses, Prayer Leadership Certificate programs and more, visit the Lifelong Ministry Program page.