Identity & Destiny

3-Day Seminar: September 27th - 29th

Veteran Prayer Minister Sandra Sellmer-Kersten unveils our true identity as sons and daughters of the King of Kings in this amazing 3-Day seminar!

Day 1:  Healing Shame & Restoring Glory
Shame is one of the most debilitating strongholds in the body of Christ. Everyone struggles with it, but few people recognize what it is and how much shame is actually affecting their lives, relationships, and even physical health. Shame is the “hidden part of the iceberg” and is at the root and core of so many of the things we struggle with the most: addictions, eating disorders, control issues, etc. Shame can be difficult to identify because it often masquerades as anger, pride, performance and more. Day 1 will be spent learning what shame is, how it affects us, and how we can dare to live, embrace vulnerability and finally become real.

Days 2 & 3:  Identity & Destiny
And I confer on you a Kingdom. --Luke 22:29
God has conferred on us a kingdom, created us as His sons and daughters to rule and to reign wisely and well, and desires for us to live the abundant life that Jesus promised. But so many of us haven’t yet fully embraced our true identity as sons and daughters of the King of Kings, and don’t understand what it means to “rule and reign” in His Kingdom.

We’ve been concerned about creating a “healthy self-image”… but self-image is the thing we build to feel better about ourselves. It’s a focus on self…what we look like, how we appear to other people, what we do (and how well we do it), how we compare to others. It’s what we try to create and maintain so that we will be loved, accepted and successful. And, it’s the very thing that has to die when we come to Christ!

In this seminar we will journey together to discover answers to the questions on so many hearts: If not self-image, then what? What does it mean to be “made in the image of God”? Who am I? Why am I here? Why was I created? How do I let go of this “timid, grave-tending life” and take hold of the adventurously expectant resurrection life that God has for me?

This seminar not only will help participants understand how you were made in the image of God; it will also equip prayer counselors, pastoral counselors, human service professionals and chaplains to help others adjust perspective from being downtrodden by the world to our ordination as ambassadors of God’s Kingdom. This life-changing seminar is a powerful combination of ministry, worship, activation and teaching. You won’t want to miss Sandra's return to ACMin!

Dates: Wednesday through Friday, September 27th - 29th. 
Time: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: Athens College of Ministry, 1331 New High Shoals Rd., Watkinsville, GA  30677

Registration.  We recommend that you register for all 3 days of this incredible seminar!  The Registration Fee is $149 and includes participant materials.  For those unable to attend all 3 days, the single day registration fee is $59 per day. 
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Local Hotels.  For those traveling from out-of-town to attend this seminar, we recommend the following nearby locations:
Ashford Manor Bed & Breakfast
arriott Springhill Suites

About Sandra

A veteran Elijah House Prayer Minister and author of numerous Elijah House workshops, Sandra Selmer-Kersten will return to Athens to lead a 3-Day seminar this September.  Sandra blessed us mightily in July 2014 when she led her Healing Trauma curriculum.  Identiy & Destiny is Sandra's most recent work.  Sandra and her husband, Pete, live in New Zealand.