Summer 2018 Textbooks

Hebrew II

The Hebrew Bible (available for free at multiple online sites)
Living Biblical Hebrew: Introduction Part Two by Randall Buth (available new here: ; you may find a used edition somewhere online for less expensive)
Biblical Hebrew: A Student Grammar (Draft Copy) by John A. Cook and Robert D. Holmstedt (available for free as PDF through me)
Reading Notes Jonah by Frederic Clarke Putnam (available for free as PDF through me)
Reading Notes Ruth by Frederic Clarke Putnam (available for free as PDF through me)
Syntactic Analysis of Ruth by A. Niccacci (available for free as PDF through me)

God's Design for Sexual Wholeness

Boa, A. (2017). Redeemed sexuality: healing and transformation in community. Downers Grove: InterVarsity. (pp 1-98)
Cusick, J. (2012). Surfing for God: discovering the divine desire beneath sexual struggle. Nashville: Thomas Nelson. (pp xi-197)
Ongley, M. (2016). Into the light: healing sexuality in today’s church. Nashville: Seedbed Publishing. (pp xi-253)
Tracy, C.  (2008). Mending the soul. Grand Rapids: Zondervan.  (pp 1-223)

The Book of Revelation

Breaking the Code: Understanding the Book of Revelation by Bruce M. Metzger, Abingdon Press, Nashville, TN, 1993.
Worthy is the Lamb by Ray Summers, Broadman and Holman, Nashville, TN, 1951.
The Bible – translation of your choice. The book of Revelation and other selected passages.

Effective Prayer Ministry Tools

  1. Dr. Caroline Leaf: 
Toxic Thoughts:
Physical & Mental Illness:
Gut-Brain Connection:
Renewing All Things:
(watch video and do reading from the last link)

Living From the Heart Jesus Gave You by James Wilder (be sure to purchase the 2013, “15th Anniversary” edition)
Christ the Healer by F.F. Bosworth
God Secrets: A Life Filled with Words of Knowledge by Shawn Bolz